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    EOS 6


    Who needs an EOS 6 furnace control system?

    We recommend the EOS 6 If you are planning to use a boiler device or a BRUNNER pellet module. Not only does it regulate and control the burn- off- it also takes care of many more complex wishes regarding the controlling by only pushing one button.

    Filling pellets, water temperature or distribution of heat flows- the EOS 6 was built for highest standards.

    To really enjoy your fireplace or your pellet module you will need a special software, which takes care of the burn-off and all the other components of your heating system. As the market leaders we have developed the EOS 6.

    How does the furnace control system EOS 6 work?

    Pile the fire up, light it and after closing the door the burn- off will be regulated and controlled automatically. A small servomotor will not only regulate the supply of combustion air, it also takes care of the right shut- off of the amber phase. This way the piled wood will always be burned- off perfectly. Due to optimum efficiency you will not only save wood but also money. The graphic display will always inform you about the process of burn- off, temperature and much more.

    By using the touch display you can easily configure it to your needs. You will be informed about the burn- off temperature, the hot water flow to the buffer, the allocation between the ceramic- or water draught and much more.

    Control or adjustment?

    There are two different concepts regarding the EOS 6 you can choose from- the furnace control system or the elaborated furnace regulation.

    • The electronic furnace control (EOS) optimises the demand of combustion air by using a flapper valve servomotor, which is contingent on the combustion chamber temperature.
    • The electronic furnace regulation (EOR) optimises the combustion air supply directly over the combustion chamber. Due to this system many exceptional situations (like varying chimney pressure or wood pellets falling apart in the combustion chamber) a perfect burn- off can still be guaranteed. We recommend the EOR in combination with our pellet module or if you have two air ducts.


    Because we do not want you to be worried about your furnace system we have spent a lot of time working out solutions for any possible situation. Only BRUNNER can provide you with systems of highest technology, which fulfil all safety criteria’s.

    For example BRUNNER’S door contact switch. In event of a failure the other device will automatically take over and report the incidence via the display. In case of a power failure we have built in a 9- volt battery, which will immediately switch on to still control the burn- off.

    Brunner’s Heating Control/ Central Heating. With over 20 years of experience regarding the combination of wood- and solar energy only we from Brunner can provide you with the most specific and mature products like for example the BRUNNER furnace control system or the heating control.

    A heating system can only be as good as its heat generator and its energy management.

    Finally a heating system which is easy to understand.

    Dear residents,
    There is no way of controlling your heating system easier than with the furnace control system by BRUNNER. By using a stylish colour- touch display you can change all settings at any time without a problem- it is so easy! Just select a language and you will be led through every process without having to know any technical terms. Assistant texts will guide you through the system and on top of that a user manual will not be needed.
    That will help everyone control the heating system perfectly.

    Heating Control: Warranty and no complicated solutions anymore

    Every house owner who has informed himself about new ways of energy supply can assure how complicated it can be. BRUNNER’S Heating Control solves this problem by using fixed connection points in a hydraulic box, which will be built in with different components and works faultlessly. This is what we call warranty.

    The best about the BRUNNER Central Heating:

    You will not have to think about which energy supplier you will want to use in the next years. You can easily combine and attach a warm-water boiler or a solar system to your heating components, use a tile stove or just build in a pellet module or a wood-chip heating system if your oil boiler should happen to conk out.
    This is what we call insurance for the future!

    There’s no easier way of setting up and developing a heating system.